The Begeman Surname

Dedicated to Timothy, James, and Shauna.

Welcome to my project

Project Goals
To identify every Begeman living to a branch. And hopefully connect them all together through our ancestors. By first gathering a list of all our ancestors, and then contacting European Begeman's in hopes of discovering links to their families, and records dating farther back. I would also like to introduce European Begeman's to their U.S. relitavies. My project is not a money making scheme, the info I have gathered (you have shared) is here for all to see and enjoy. My motivation is to find my own ancestors, and help others do the same. These pages contain the information that has been provided by participants who wish to share in the search for our ancestors. I have identified 18 different branches (to date). Enjoy!

This project is viewer supported. And is a tribute to those who have provided data on their branch. That means you should to provide me with any data on your branch that is relevant, for this project to continue to grow, and for you to receive any benefit from it.
Data should include full names, birth date, and place. Data on living B's need contain only full name, and state of residence, I do not wish to interfere with anyones privacy. Mail to

Software I've been using Family Tree Maker.

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