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It seems I may be a little late in web page updates. I will work to be more diligent in providing updates.
It was a huge blunder to leave out the Begemann’s I have come to the conclusion that we are the same family.
Double letters in a surname
So to the Begemann's out there WELCOME! I am honored to include you as family!
You are of course welcome to include your branches
So lets get caught up. From the mailbag.

July 05

Greetings, from Robert Opitz
My English isn't very good, but I'll try to explain the most important points about the Begemans in Betzen.
You can see some more informations on the website of Herbert Begemann from Maintal/ Hessen/ Germany under

At first we have a look around the "biggest Begemann-farm" in the little village of Betzen.
The oldest written document about the village Betzen is dated in the year 1362.
In this document are signs about this farm. But the first document with the "name Begemann" is later: It is dated in the
year 1450. "Hans Begemann aus (=from) Betzen" is the farmer on this farm.
The year 1450 is the first year you can find the written name "Begemann" in Germany/Lippe/Betzen.

In the year 1575 is a "changing" or a "difference": The name Begemann became Mittelbegemann (Middelbegeman).
Why? In Betzen are three families with the name "Begemann" in the same time, two bigger farms and a small one.
The farmers of the both big farms had the prename "Hans". Perhaps that explains the difference.

The biggest begemanfarm in 1575 is Hans Middelbegeman.
The secondbiggest begemanfarm is Hans Niederbegemann (In english: Underbegeman).
The third one is Berend Begemann, his Name changed later in Behrends, later in Berndsmeier.
He left Betzen in the beginning of the 20th century.

The last Middelbegeman died on 05.03.1904. He had only one daughter, she sold the farm in the year 1907.
The last both Niederbegemanbrothers died in the 19fifties. The farm was later sold in the year 1994.

Betzen was in old time a part of the "farmership Wendlinghausen", in german spelling: "Bauerschaft".
Wendlinghausen is a little bit bigger than Betzen.

Today we have only two old houses of the real Begemanns in Betzen.
This houses were grounded for the old farmers.
At first we have the "oldfarmerhouse" of Mittelbegemann, the date of grounding isn't clear, perhaps it was in
the 17th or 18th century, in the 19th century the house was completed at the southside.
The main farmhouse burned down in 1959, but we've an old photo of the year 1954.
There was a little cabin for food, too. This cabin was broken down in the 1980th, but the cabin was regrounded in the
neighbourvillage Humfeld. We have an old Photo of the year 1984, too.

The last one is the "oldfarmerhouse" of Niederbegemann. The date of grounding is 1855.

I'll send you the collection of the digitalphotos in the package of this mail in the format .tif.
Because my english isn't very well, i can make a cd for you with my begeman- and Betzen-collection in german language.

If you've somebody, who is able to translate the german language, you'll find out a little bit more about the first
begemans in germany. I think, today we have thousands of begemans around the whole world, but there is no more a
begeman in the village of Betzen - only old houses... If you want to have a cd in microsoft-word, i can send you
a letter to america with the whole story of the village Betzen on cd. It is a actual collection of all old farms in
this little village and historical dates. 


Aug 05

Robert H. Begeman of Branch 17 writes
I visited Yaegerborn in Germany in 2000. Here is a picture. It was being renovated at the time.
That's my new Volvo on the right side of the picture.
I also visited Bega.
1850 house

Bega River

Main Road

Sept 05
My name is Kyle James Begeman, and I do not know exactly what my branch is, but I was born August 30th 1989 in Kansas City Missourri.
If there is anything else you would like to know, e-mail me back and I can get all the information from my family members and such if you would like. Thank you!

Oct 05
From Roelof
I did not see any Begeman's related to the place Slochteren also in Groningen/Netherlands
I was wondering if you got any respons since in this place a lot of Begemans are living
Met vriendelijke groet en tot horens

-- me --

Yes there are some from Groningen and the Netherlands.

-- Roelof --

I have seen that aswell
I mean my great grant father  Hindrik Begeman living aswell in Slochteren
( don't know his age ) he had 3 kids 2 brother 1 sister, 1 my grandfather
My father Hendrik Begeman born 1935
and myself born 1962
I was wondering whether you have any connection available to this?

Nov 05
My full name is Etienne Begemann birthdate – 11 June 1974, Alice, South Africa.
There may be a few missing links I can help with as our descendants have been living in S.A. since the 1860’s
 If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask
He includes some data and a picture

Begemann, Adriann Jacob (Subscriber Content)

(*Dongen, Neth., 15.6.1831 - †Pretoria, 15.11.1925), minister of the N.H. Kerk and librarian, was one of the twelve children of the Rev. Jan Begemann (†1878), minister of the N.H. Kerk at Dongen, and his wife, Anna Johanna van Alphen. In addition to his father and one of his two brothers, several of his other relatives were ministers.

He studied theology at the University of Utrecht from 18.9.1849 to 1855, when the provincial church council of Utrecht declared him eligible for a call.

After assisting with the Lichtenvoorde congregation for a while, he received a call to the N.H. Kerk in the Transvaal republic through the good offices of the commission for spiritual affairs at Amsterdam, who devoted themselves to the spiritual and moral needs of the Voortrekkers in the Transvaal. B. accepted this call and was ordained on 7.3.1860 by the commission for the affairs of Protestant churches in Dutch East and West India.

In June of the same year he arrived in Cape Town, where he was ordained by the registrar of the Cape N.G. Kerk. In December he arrived in the T.R., and was inducted as the first minister of the N.H. congregation of Pretoria on 27.1.1861.

On 14.5.1861 B. married Johanna Hermina Goetz (†1916) in Potchefstroom. Eleven children were born of the marriage.

He was a good preacher, and was strict, meticulous and frank. At first he inspired confidence, but he expressed his views sharply and sometimes tactlessly. His tactless actions eventually led to his resignation. Because of the civil disturbances in the T.R., for example, he refused, in a manner contrary to church law, to ad-minister the sacraments in July 1864, and on two other occasions (February 1864 and June 1865) he declined invitations to open sessions of the volksraad with prayer, apparently without justification.

These actions evoked dissatisfaction that increased to such an extent in 1868, when he opened a Masonic lodge with prayer, that some members of his congregation refused to acknowledge him as their minister and demanded that they be served by a consulent minister, this giving rise to the so-called Konsulentegemeente in Pretoria.

A charge was laid against him in 1872 after he had discussed the academic question of textual criticism in the course of his sermon. He was suspended for three months by the commission of the general assembly of the N.H. Kerk. When this period expired, he resigned (30.6.1872), becoming the first librarian of the state library of the T.R.

He lived in Pretoria until his death and continued to play an active role in public life. He made a notable contribution to education, helping to found the Staatsmeisjesschool in Pretoria in 1894.

B. died at an advanced age at his home in Scheiding street, Pretoria, and is buried in the Old cemetery. Portraits of him can be seen in a history of the Pretoria congregation of the N.H. Kerk by S.P. Engelbrecht, in Pretoria, 1855-1955 and in the N.H. Kerk archives, Pretoria.

Of his children, two sons, Simon Hendrik Anton Jan and Frederik Adolf, died in action during the Second Anglo-Boer War.


General Note

A.J. BEGEMANN, Leerrede over Matth. 23 vs. 9 uitgesproken in de Ned. Herv. kerk te Pretoria op 8 Maart 1872. Potch., 1872 (first sermon published in the Transvaal); - S.P. ENGELBRECHT, 'Ds. A.J. Begemann', Alm. N.H.K., 1922; 'Simon Hendrik Anton Jan Begemann', Alm. N.H.K., 1943; 'Ds. en mevr. A.J. Begemann, Alm. N.H.K., 1943; 'Die familie Begemann', Alm. N.H.K., 1943; Geskiedenis van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika. 3rd ed. Pta: C.T., 1953; Die Nederduitsch Hervormde gemeente Pretoria, 1855-1955. Pta., 1955; - Pretoria 1855-1955. Pta., 1955.

June 07
Linda Creighton writes - I have a mystery on my hands that I can`t solve.
My g-grandmother who I beleive was Mary Begeman, Beggeman, or Begemann b-1857 OH.
Married a man by the name of John Newbanks and by 1880 she is a widow with 4 children, in Quincy Il. Adams Co. in 1887
She married Albert L. Evans and had 3 more children.
I found her with family 1880 census. And with Albert and their 3 in the 1900 census.
If you have her please let me know.

May 08

My name is Emily Rose Begeman.
I was born April 23, 1990 in Indiana. My sister Is Abigail Marie Begeman, born June 25, 1985 in Indiana.
My father is York Douglas Begeman, born June 6, 1958 in Indiana.
His father is Robert Begeman born in Indiana, but unsure of his birth year.
And his father I believe was Chalmas Begeman.
My Uncles Wade and Tobert :) both residing and born in Indiana

July 08

Tessa Schmidt writes - and shares news of her cousin's quest to unravel his heritage.
She included this pic of Tyson from his senior year (1990?)
She relates - He has been told his father is a Begeman and hopes for a chance to get to know his relatives.

(I have withheld sensitive information regarding this situation and await confirmation of the claim and acceptance by the related parties.)
(I will not allow my website to be a party to any dispute, I hope to publish good news soon)

(I shared contact information with the involved parties but have not received any significant info since)
(it would be fabulous to share a "connection made" story here and I wish all the parties the best)

Aug 08

Bob Miller provides us with some interesting information about van Gogh

(here are several accounts of what happened from different sources)
In 1883 in Neunen he had a love affair with an older woman Margo Begemann, which lead to a scandal and her attempted suicide. He was to remain in Neunen for the most of 1884 and 1885. All this time he was improving as a painter. His main subjects were still-life, landscape and figures. In March of 1885 his father, Reverend Theodorus van Gogh died.
In 1884 Vincent sets up studio in a room at the home of Schafrat, a Catholic sacristan, and paints 6 decorative panels for Hermans, an Eindhoven goldsmith. Executes several studies of weavers and peasants and gives some painting lessons. A neighbour Margot Begemann falls in love with him but, after opposition from both families, she attempts to commit suicide, leaving Vincent badly shaken.
While continuing with his work, Vincent begins a relationship with a neighbour's daughter, Margot Begemann. Both families are opposed to their plan to marry and, in despair, Margot attempts to poison herself. Vincent is extremely distressed as this relationship ends, but continues his work and strikes up a friendship with Anton C. Kerssemakers (1846-1926), a tanner and art enthusiast. They spend much time together, discussing art and visiting museums.
Ellen Begeman, who was the next door neighbor of Vincent van Gogh? A letter from my aunt gives these details.
Margo (Ellen) Begeman whom Vincent wanted to marry around 1884-85. She was one of five daughters whose father had a weaving factory in Antwerp, the Hague. After the father died, the son ran the business and the family with authoritarian vigor. The son/brother disapproved of Vincent and forbade the marriage. In the biography. "Dear Theo" which contains most of the correspondence of Vincent to his brother, Theo, Vincent hinted that he and Margo (Ellen) had been intimate. She was subsequently sent away to a "rest home" which is what would happen, had she become pregnant out of wedlock. In later letters, Vincent expressed his moral and financial obligation to her and requested that Theo give her specific paintings to keep, expecting that their value would increase after his death; which, in truth, did happen, thus providing Margo with a nest egg for her old age. I don't recall she married and no direct mention of whether there was a child. There is a touching letter about her last visit with V. prior to her being sent away. They met in the city park, where she told him she had tried to poison herself and forthwith, fainted. In those days, women took strong purgatives to induce miscarriage. Sometimes, it worked. Sometimes, it didn't. My speculation is - if there WERE a child, it would be sent to the relatives to be raised in anonymity. Of course, relatives in America would be considered favorably, since they were furthest away and least likely to leak information about the child's origin. And, the child would be able to grow up with the stigma of "orphan" rather than "bastard" yet retain the Begeman name.

picture of Margot (Ellen) Begemann

Aug 08
Terry Joe Begeman adds her family

Hi my sons and I heard of your project one day when we were searching google on where our name came from and we found your project and my boys father. (Name?)
We're divorced now but his sons names are
Justin Paul Begeman was born on February 16th 1994 at Bellevue Nebraska,
and Joshua Taylor Begeman was born on 1999 Londstuhl Germany
Right now were living in Bellevue Nebraska.

Nov 09
 Joyce writes (didn't get her last name)
it might be possible that Margot and van Gogh are my great grandparents.
My grandmother who died in AR in1910 was a Begeman named Laura,
was cared for by different parents  raised as an orphan, married my grandfather in 1901 in AR.
She went by three diferent names Begeman, Stewart, and Jones married my grandfather when she was just 15.
She had five children ,2 named Verena died before she did.
The 1910 census says her father was born in IN, her mother in MO,  she says she was born in AR.
I cannot find her any where before 1900, who is she ? 
I have relatives who look like one or the other, need help.

Jan 10

Kathleen Begemann writes - I believe you were once contacted by Marga Begemann from the Netherlands who said she was planning on sending you documents. 
She is the cousin of my father.
I think her papers included an extended genealogy of the Begemann (2x N) family researched by J.J. Roelants and M.C. Braat.  The introduction has an explaination about the 1x N and 2x N.  Do you have this document?  If not, I once made a translation of it into English and will be happy to send it to you via PDF.
(Please send I would like to include this for everyone)
 Also provided a photo of Margot and her home.
picture of Margot

Margot's house

Aug 11

Jennifer Byer writes - Thought it might be helpful to you to include a link to the Missouri digital archives birth/death records.
 It's an excellent resource.  Lots of other info. is posted on the archive portion of .  Quite a lot of Begemann info can be found there.
Another great, independent site is
Mark Fiegenbaum has listed tons of data about the Begemanns, who have a familial connection to the Fiegenbaum family. 
Click on the surnames link found on the site, and you will find Begemann.
A note:  Augusta Begemann's father is also listed as Gottlieb H. H., (as below) rather than Herman Heinrich Gottlieb. 
That is actually the version I've seen most often.
Also, I have traced Gottlieb's wife, Friedrika Wilkening, back several generations.
Here, in more detail, is the info I have about Augusta's parents (my great-great grandparents.)  I think it is accurate.

Aug 14

My name is Jeremy Begeman.  Branch 2,
John and Lavonne are my grandparent,
Joel and Diane are my parents. 
I can add a few more details from my section.
Jeremy Kyle Begeman
                 +Amanda Christine Rivera  8-20-1975
                              Jack Andrew Begeman      1-26-2003
                              Jonah Ace Begeman           8-18-2008
                              Jered Allen Begeman         11-8-2010
The website is great.  I'm glad someone did it. 

Feb 16

Deborah Schroeder provides some photos from Jaegerborn and web links and




Mar 16

Ingo Busse writes
A few weeks ago I contacted you, because I read your webpage concerning Begemanns that emigrated to the USA.
Meanwhile, I have found many informations about the Begemanns I was searching for.
I even get in contact with offsprings. But there is still a missing link and I would like to ask you for help.
You have listet several Begemanns on your webpage.
The names of the members of my family are followed by the reference number 5860 p. 114.
Can you tell me, what kind of reference this is. Do you have access to this resource?

Dec 16

Mikael Begemann Gunnarsson (30 years) - Denmark (Changed from Petersen to Gunnarsson) writes
I recently discovered your site while researching a bit about my middlename, Begemann.
We are 12 people in Denmark with that name as of 2016, and as far as I can tell, the majority is in my close familiy on my mothers side.

I was very intrigued by the Van Gogh story, and the Begemann family crest. Turns out my name is rare in Denmark. Exiting!

I don't know if you can use any of this, and i have not been given permission to share their names, but if you can use it for anything, please do.
And It branches out from there since they all also had kids, but I don't have contact with any of them.

My mother: Alice Begemann
My younger brother: Karsten Begemann Petersen
Rita Begemann and Lis Begemann, my mothers two sisters.
Tina Begemann, daughter of Rita Begemann.
Brian Begemann, Son of Rita Begemann
Britta Begemann, married to Brian.

Sept 18

I was spurred into action by Briana who writes

I happened to find your webpage as I was looking to see where the Begemann surname came from and what it means.
My maternal grandfather is Eiba Henry Begemann (Branch 18) (could you please fix the spelling of his first name?
It’s Eiba, not Eida). Could you please add my mother as well as myself? My aunt is already on the list but not under the branch.
My grandfather Eiba is now 93 and we’ve been trying to find more of his lineage before he passes, even though he is in great shape!
I can get a listing of more of his family to you to add.
Briana Leigh Walker B:9/4/1982 granddaughter of Eiba Henry Begemann (branch 18), 417 David Jones Road, Saluda, SC 29138
Marianne Begemann Shunamon B:7/15/1952 daughter of Eiba Henry Begemann (branch 18), 417 David Jones Road, Saluda, SC 29138
My aunt is Margaret D Begemann, could you please add her to branch 18?
Deborah Schroder typed a quick comeback to my update announcement -
I am teaching myself German with help from the internet and audio books. I will be in Germany next September to research my Schroeder/Sander family. My paternal grgrgrandfather came from Grossenmarpe and my maternal grgrgrandmother came from Lemgo. I will be staying in Detmold as that has the best records for the area. I was surprised with the older pictures I have of Jägerborn but would like to see again and take pictures if possible. All depends on time. I will be with my cousin and his wife and we will then head on to Berlin where they live NW of there. I will have already been in Belgium and Normandy and will get 2 nights in Prague before heading home-almost 4 weeks.
I will try to find and get to you the letter written by Ferdinand Altenberend about his taking the pictures. I guess my graunt Clara Schroeder Mosteller requested them in a letter to him after the war. The Begeman cemetery is located very close to my Schroeder farm-still in the family-and I have seen it with Google Earth and I guess the people that live there will let you walk back and get pictures. I am heading down to the farm-about 45 minutes from where I live-and see about taking some pictures. Anton Sander my grgrgrgrandfather is buried in the old German Cemetery that has been lost in time but have permission from the owners of the land to look for it-anyway his oldest son Frederick was married to the Begeman daughter(I do not have any notes in front of me so this is off of my not so perfect memory) and Anton’s daughter Henriette married Johann Schroeder- my grgrgrandparents. Anton’s wife is buried on the Begeman farm and I hope her grave is there.
If you have access to FindAGrave Harvey Bell is a wonderful researcher and cousin and added many family histories to that website. I am sending this on to him. Harvey is the one that has been to the cemetery and showed it to me on Google Earth.

Thank you all for your contacts!

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