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Johanna Leutscher-Hazelhoff wrote for Marga in Mar. '00

I am mailing you on behalf of Marga Atina Begemann, born 1924 in Indonesia (then the Dutch colony of Nederlands Indië). She is not on the internet - hence I am sending you her address:

Mrs A.T. van Wijngen-Begemann
Churchillaan 682
4532 JB Terneuzen
The Netherlands.
(Tel. 0031-115-695272)

Apart from a brother (Frits) and his family living in Canada (near Toronto) she has no family; but she does have a number of family papers and wonders what to do with them. Among them there is a booklet of some 50 pages (in Dutch) about the family roots in Detmold and Lippe, starting in the 15th century with one Jürgen Begemann. Other names are: Simon Heinrich, Karl Gerlach, and Christof Georg Sigismund. She also mentioned a branch who went to live in South Africa. The person who wrote the booklet is no longer alive.

I mailed Marga, and later received a nice package of info from her.

Peter Begeman wrote in Mar. '00

I read your website, it's very nice. In your Begeman's list I read the name Arnold Begeman, that's a cousin of mine.

Here is some info for my family:
Peter Begeman born : 04-07-1978 in: Nieuw Annerveen
father: Popko Begeman (31-05-1950)
mother: Louke Begeman Zijl (31-03-1952)
brother: Oltman Begeman (27-02-1976)
Grand father: Oltman Begeman
Grand mother: Grietje Begeman Takens

Greetings from
Peter Begeman
Hunzeweg 30
9657PD Nieuw Annerveen
the Netherlands

Garett Alan Begeman wrote in Feb> '00

I am fifth generation on branch 4. I don't know if you have complete information on my family based on the branch 4 page. But I'll at least fill you in on what I know.

My mom (Carol Ann Van Horn Begeman) was born in 1945 in Allegan MI. My sister Denise Ann Begeman married Terry (given name not Terence) Rusnell. She was also born in Allegan MI. No kids but they're trying. Melissa Ann Begeman was born in 1968 in Allegan MI. Her daughter Josie was born in Columbus, OH. The ex-husband's name is Robert Ray Pirtle. My wife's name is Johanna DeSimone Wealton, born in 1973 in Toledo, OH.

I see that my cousin Craig is going to provide you with information as well. His brother Randy has three children and Craig just had a baby boy in October with his wife Melissa. Brian and his wife are also expecting.

My great uncle Keith had a son, Rod, who died a few years ago. Rod's wife is Joan Begeman, and they have a daughter. I'm not sure of the daughter's name. Maybe Craig will have that information, being that he is still in the area.

We currently live at 6555 Abbey Run #202, Sylvania, OH 43560.

Raphael (Rafe) Padgettwrote in Feb. '00

My aunt Carmen Martindale married a Harold Begeman probably around 1930 in Knox (or a nearby) County. They had a son named Rex 1932-1972. I don't know anything about Harold other than he died in a car crash in 1937 in Linton Indiana and his fathers name was Karl or Carl.

Along a parallel vein. My mothers (and my aunts) mother was the daughter of Valentine Vest and Caroline Hagemeyer Begeman Vest. Caroline had previously been married to a John C. Begeman in Knox County Indiana on July 15 1862. I know nothing more about John. On Jan 11 1905, shortly after Carolines death, Valentine married a Jane Bradfield in Sullivan County Indiana.

I have been in touch with Darrell Mounts and it seems that Jane or (Mellisa Jane Bedwell) Had previously married a Frederick W. Begemann and had four children. Fredrick then died and Mellisa married a George Bradfield and divorced him at some time before marrying Valentine Vest. I would like to know if Karl or Carl Begeman, John C. Begeman or Frederick Begeman are related and I thought I might ask you if you know anything about these people before I look farther.

Steve Begemann wrote back in Jan.

I have really no idea where the vineyard on your crest is coming from. The problem is, that normally crests in Germany where only given to aristocrats or rich citizens. It could be possible, that one of your ancestors was a rich citizen and that he had something to do with grapes, vine etc. But don't quote this.

There are certainly no animosities or social taboos against the emigrant B's. Most of the German B#s just have no idea that there are any B's outside Germany.

German's just do not care too much about their family history or the origin of their family name. Unlike Americans, Germans are not really interested in their origin. Most of the people I know have no idea where their Grand-Grand parents lived or what they did for a living. I think there are at least two reasons for this.

1. I have the feeling that emigrants , or better, the the children or the grand children of emigrants are more interested in their background, because they try to find out who they are and where they are coming from. People whose ancestors lived in the same country for several centuries have no need for this, because they can find there roots right around the corner.

2. During the Nazi-regime everybody was forced to do some sort of family-research. Through this system, the Nazi's could find out, who is 100% Arian and who is Jewish. There were even categories like 1/8 Jew if one of your Grand-Grand-Parents was Jewish. Pure paranoia.

The Nazi Era and WW II was a big watershed in german history. The Nazi perverted the memory Germans had about their history. The whole german history was presented as a one way street directly leading to the THIRD REICH. Because of that, Germans have a very "special" relationship with their own history (not only with the 12 years from 1933 to 1945). It's always said, that Germany started from 0 in 1945. In some ways this is true. At least in the memory of the people, everything that happened before 1945 is perceived as German history, but it is not perceived as OUR history. (Sound strange, doesn't it.) That doesn't mean of course that people do not recognize the Holocaust and accept the fact that Germany and Germans were responsible for the killing of 6 million jews and of course responsible for the 30 Million killed during the Second World War.

Our history, meaning the history of the democratic Germany starts in 1945. So most of the people are just not interested in anything that happened before 1945.

Robert H. Begeman wrote in Jan. '00

I haven't been in your site for a while I got an email form Eric ( my family) and noticed that others in the Carl Begeman family had written notes on the site. I probably have the most on #17, which is missing on the site. It is in Word 97. I think I edited out every thing except Begeman.

The Indiana Begeman`s York & Wade listed from the phone book are my children, John, Dennis & Glenda are cousins. I haven't contacted Paul since last spring. You may put my address and Email address on the web site.

Robert H. Begeman
1111 N. Audubon Road
Indianapolis IN 46219 3115

Dirk Harm Begeman wrote in Jan. '00

First of all my name is Dirk Harm Begeman, my father is Richard Harm Begeman. Who was born in Steele, N.D. to Dick Harm Begeman and Myrtle Begeman (Brenden).

I currently live in Lakewood,Wa. Was born 11/09/59 in Bismarck, N.D. my address is:
12809 47th AVE. S.W. Apt B-10
Lakewood, Wa. 98499

I am the brother to: Lorie L. Whittemore of Phoenix,AZ. and : Jolene K. Parent of Glendale,AZ. we had one brother: Michael Begeman deceased at birth.1965(6) (?) and one sister: Medora Rae Begeman deceased in 1974(5) Our Uncle Larry Begeman of Yuma.Az. has pass away now a few years ago. as did my Grandfather, Dick H. Begeman also his brother Albert.

I hope this helps you out some with the Begeman name.
Richard H. Begeman & E. Yvonne now live in Belgrade,MT.

Steve Begemann wrote in Jan. '00

my name is steve begemann. I'm a Post-graduate student in Germany. I found your web-page a few days ago and i find your project very interesting.

I also believe that the name Begemann means "Man from the river Bega". The Bega river is located in the Lippe Province, but the Lippe Province is NOT part of the Rhine Valley. The Lippe Province is similar to the territory formerly known as the Principality of Lippe until 1945.

After World War II it was part of the British Occupied Zone and later it was included into the newly formed state of Northrhine-Westfalia. The Lippe Province is part of the sub-region East-Westfalia/Lippe. As you can tell by the name, the Lippe province is located between the eastern part of Westfalia and the state of Lower Saxony and is not a part of the Rhine Valley. There are also no vineyards in the Lippe Province. Sorry.

You mentioned the different spellings of our family name (with one n or with two n). I always believed that the people who emigrated to the US dropped one n because a double n is unusual in the English Language. You can also see that at other names as Bergman, Zimmerman etc.. Because MANN (german) means MAN (English), I always thought that they just dropped the letter so it was easier for the non-German citizens to spell the name. But that's my theory. There is no difference in the German and Dutch spelling of the name. Both sides write it with NN. Also, I don't think there is a difference between a Christian and a Jewish spelling or a difference between North and South Germany.

Craig L. Begeman wrote in Dec. '99

It has been quite a while since I have been in contact with you. Glad to see that your web site is doing so well. It looks like you are making some great connections. I just have a name to add to branch #4:

Conrad Begeman was the father of Gustave Begeman.
Gustave is listed as being born in "New York" on May 7, 1864.
Conrad is listed as born in Germany.
This info comes from Gustave's death cert. His son Leo provided the info.

I am in the process of trying to locate where they came from in New York and any records there. Feel free to add my e-mail to your list and as a contact for that branch. The search continues....

Monica Begeman wrote in Nov. '99

I would like for you to add me to your list of Begeman's if you would.
I saw where my father, Dennis and my uncle John and an aunt Glenda were listed on your page.
179N. C.R. 450E. Apt. D
Avon, In. 46123

Thomas Begemann wrote in Nov. '99

My name is Thomas from Germany I live in Blomberg/Lippe, a little town near Detmold ( 12 miles). I found your site on the web, it´s cool. I read on your site two men from Blomberg moved to the USA a long time ago. Maybe these men are from my family? I hope i can find my roots in my next visit to the courthouse of Blomberg. After, I hope I can help you to complete your webstory.

Johan Dik Begeman updated his tree Oct. '99

Here are the real results after some research:

Friedrik Begeman, born 18 oct 1862 (place of birth unknown, perhaps Germany), married Mensie Smid, born ?/?/1864. They got five children: Geertje (f=female) about 1888, Berend (m=male) 13 nov 1890 Vriescheloo, Jantje (f) about 1892, Jan (m) about 1895 and Enno (m) about 1897. As Berend was the eldest son, he probably was named after his grandfather. Friedrik died at 16 oct 1948, Mensie died at 13 feb 1932.

Berend Begeman married Geziena de Roos, born 1890 at Onstwedde, in about 1918 at Ontswedde(?). They got three daugthers: Mensie (f) 21 aug 1920 at Bourtange, Wendelke (f) 11 jun 1922 at Bourtange, Friedrika (f) 5 jan 1927 at Winschoten. Geziena died at ? jul 1931 at Winschoten. Berend Begeman remarried Geziena Waarheid, born at 13 sep 1897 at Oude Pekela, on 8 aug 1935 in Oude Pekela. They got one daughter (mistake in your overview!! Both women were called Geziena): Trijntje born 3 aug 1937 at Winschoten. Berend died at ? sep? 1967 at Winschoten. Geziena Waarheid died at ? dec 1986 in Winschoten.

Mensie Begeman married Hendrik Alting at 23 apr 1949 in Winschoten. They got three sons: Bert 21 jun 1950 Winschoten, Harrie ? feb 1955 Bellingwolde, Henk ? aug 1959 at Winschoten. Mensie died 9 oct 87 in Winschoten, Henk (the father) a few years later.

Wendelke Begeman married Itso Berend Kamies at 2 jan 1945 in Winschoten. They got four children: Harrie (m), Ina (f), Clara (f) and Dinnie (f). Itso died at ? sep 1960. She remarried Cees J. Buitenhuis. He had three daughters and a son. They didn’t get any children.

Friedrika Begeman married Pieter Dik, born 22 dec 1927 at Heiligerlee, at 7 jul 1952 in Winschoten. They got three children Geziena (f) born 1 sep 1954, died 2 sept 1954 both in Winschoten, Geziena (f) 22 apr 1957 at Heiligerlee, Johan (m) 7 apr 1960 at Heiligerlee.

Trijntje Begeman married Gerrit Schakelaar, born Hilversum. They’ve got one son Ronald, born 22 oct 1967.

Please let me know if you get information about this branch!

- He then seems to make a connection to Branch #8 -

As I took a closer look at branch #8, I dicovered that Friederik Begeman had a son Berend. It is possible that Friedrik (1862) was a son of this Berend (1824). And he named his eldest son Berend (1890) after his own father. So my branch would be a side branch of #8.

My mother is called Friedrika and there is a Frederika (1826) who was the sister of Berend (1824).

Also the place Finsterwolde lies in the north east part of the Netherlands where many relatives live. Perhaps Friedrik (1862) didn't immigrate to the Netherlands from Germany but was born here! The distance between Finsterwolde and Vriescheloo (place of birth Berend 1890), is about 20 km.

It is not an evidence but it is very likely that my branch is a side branch of #8. What do you think?

Gary D. Begeman wrote in Sept. '99

Great site!  Could you add a name to your family tree (not the list?)
Branch 2
Daughter of Gary Begeman and Gail Griffith
Rachel Elise Begeman  
Born 1992-

Harm Jan Begeman wrote in Sept. '99

I, am Harm Jan Begeman and I have seen your website . I am 33 years old and my family is living in the north of the Netherlands in the provincie Groningen. I am married and have 3 childeren (2 are twins). When you are interested, i will send you more information about my family,
Harm Jan , Gineke, Sanne, Anouk and Manon Begeman from the Netherlands

Madeleine Begemann wrote in Aug '99

I'm fascinated to know there is a long history of Begemann's in the U.S. As a child, I was told that we were the only ones and there was only one boy in my generation to carry on the name. Thanks for enlightening me some more.

Not long ago, a German hematological Fellow at Stanford pulled a manual out of his pocket, written by father and son Begemann, to ask if I was related to them. He'd met the father in Africa when he was a child; it was The reference for German hematologists. Probably, huh?

I've never seen members of my (Dutch immigrants, 1950s) branch of the family listed anywhere, except for an uncle who may be deceased. I saw listings in Campbell; since your e-mail is Best, I'm guessing are you in the south Bay Area in California? What sparked you research?

Don Ebbler wrote in Aug, 99

I came across some more records for Begemann emigrants in German records and thought you might be interested. They are in the Waldeck emigration records. Waldeck was a principality that is today mostly in northern Hessen. But in the 19th century the prince of Waldeck ruled not only Waldeck but also a tiny principality far to the north called Pyrmont. The largest city in the principality of Pyrmont was called Pyrmont [today it is called Bad Pyrmont] and if you locate that on a map you can see why they had Begemann emigrants. It is very close to where the Begemanns from Lippe and Westfalen came from. Anyway, here they are. Mostly they came from the village of Friedensthal in the principality of Pyrmont. Presumably they may match up to some of the early arrivals you have:

Karl Begemann from Friedensthal/Pyrmont emigrated 13 Oct 1839

Karl Begemann from Friedensthal/Pyrmont emigrated 31 May 1840

Karl Friedrich Begemann from Friedensthal/Pyrmont emigrated 3 Jul 1842

Karl Begemann from Pyrmont emigrated 9 May 1846

Karl Begemann, Tischlermeister from Pyrmont with family emigrated 22 Aug 1846

Ludwig Begemann, Messerschmied from Friedensthal/Pyrmont emigrated 19 Jan 1850

Bruce Begeman wrote in Aug, 99

Well, once again I'm changing ISP's hopefully I found one I can live with this time. My new e-mail address is as follows:


The only other living Begeman, I am aware of is my fathers cousin, Doris Mae Begeman of little Rock, Ark. the last address I found was 801 S. Rodney Parhan, 72205


I moved and have changed ISP's a few times till I found one that I was happy with. My new address is : P.O. Box 351 Port Bolivar, TX 77650

I will keep checking for your update to see if you have identified what branch my sister and I might belong to. We are very excited to find your site, and hopefully find more out about our ancestors. Thank you again for your efforts in this search, anything I can do to help, please feel free to contact me.

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