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My name is Richard James Begeman, son of Richard Nelson, son of Richard P, son of Adolf, son of August born in 1835, a stone cutter from Germany, who immigrated to Louisville KY then settled in Gladstone Illinois, we have no earlier info on August’s lineage.

I am very interested in the Begeman name and its roots, there are so few of us, research on our families should be easy. I have been in touch with 14 separate branches and their ancestors are of Dutch and German heritage. They have sent me info on their family tree's.

The branch #'s on the list correspond to separate branches.

We have found that most of the B’s seem to hail from the Lippe Province of the Rhine Valley. Some branches have dropped an "N" off Begemann. Further searches of our name may be halted by the loss of records in Europe, (and splitting up of families during the war), or hidden by fear of anti-sematisim (though most B’s seem to be Christian), or desertion from the Kaiser’s Army. But some progress may be made, and steps saved, by working together. The local LDS Temple is a great resource for genealogical research.

Mystery Begemans; Can anyone tell me about,

(A personal note pertaining to my branch specifically)
I am looking for Adolf's siblings, we know of a brother Gustave A. (b1874) (Chicago IL) and a sister Mary (b1871)(Louisville KY) there may be others. Adolf's birth date is 1859 Louisville KY, he married Ellen Cadle in Gladstone 1885. Also any info on Adolf’s father, August who married a girl named Caroline Alter (b1838 Bavaria) in KY. We believe that he is the passenger listed aboard the ship REPUBLIK that arrived in New York on July 10, 1856 departed from Bremen, Germany. He was traveling with a Fritz Begemann, could this be his brother? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My goal is to identify every Begeman living, with a branch. And hopefully connect them all together through our ancestors. The earliest info I have on the Begeman’s dates back to the middle 1600’s. I hope to take it back much farther, by first gathering a list of all the branch’s ancestors, and then using the internet, contact people in Germany in hopes of finding private records dating earlier. I would also like to introduce the European Begeman’s to their respective U.S. relatives.

If you are interested in your roots, and would like to see how we all fit together, please note any Begeman's on the enclosed list that belong to your branch, and add any others not included. Also include ancestry, and all details available on last known ancestor, and any lost members of your branch, (date of birth, place of birth, marriage date and place, children, death date and place, date of immigration, country of origin, etc). Please limit to the Begeman name.

So far I have not made any major discoveries, but as the volume of info I have increases, the likelihood of that will also increase. So please send me anything you would like included in my project. Family tree, autobiographies, family crest, family history, etc., that would be of interest to others. For this project to continue to grow, and for you to benefit from it, you must participate.

If you are not interested or do not have info, please forward this letter to a family member who has done work on your tree. To all who participate, in return for your information, I will keep you updated on the results of this search. I also will introduce you to others who are doing research in the same areas. I have a coat of arms, and a few detailed texts (biographies, and histories) to share also.

Any info you can share will be greatly appreciated by all I'm sure, so thanks in advance for your participation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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