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William Begeman? - who married Martha Bebermeyer, Truxton MO (Lincoln county) around 1875. They had 6 children, Charles, Lawrence, Warren, Conrad, Mabel, and Anna, all born in Truxton. (My father's co-worker was a Bebermeyer)Found! Thanks Wanda.

The "Louis Begeman Memorial Scholarship"? Louis was a physics Professor. Found! The great-grandfather of Michael L.

Ellen Begeman, who was the next door neighbor of Vincent van Gogh?
A letter from my aunt gives these details.
Margo (Ellen) Begeman whom Vincent wanted to marry around 1884-85. She was one of five daughters whose father had a weaving factory in Antwerp, the Hague. After the father died, the son ran the business and the family with authoritarian vigor. The son/brother disapproved of Vincent and forbade the marriage. In the biograph. "Dear Theo" which contains most of the correspondence of Vincent to his brother, Theo, Vincent hinted that he and Margo (Ellen) had been intimate. She was subsequently sent away to a "rest home" which is what would happen, had she become pregnant out of wedlock. In later letters, Vincent expressed his moral and financial obligation to her and requested that Theo give her specific paintings to keep, expecting that their value would increase after his death; which, in truth, did happen, thus providing Margo with a nest egg for her old age. I don't recall she married and no direct mention of whether there was a child. There is a touching letter about her last visit with V. prior to her being sent away. They met in the city park, where she told him she had tried to poison herself and forthwith, fainted. In those days, women took strong purgatives to induce miscariage. Sometmes, it worked. Sometimes, it didn't. My speculation is - if there WERE a child, it would be sent to the relatives to be raised in anonymity. Of course, relatives in America would be considered favorably, since they were furthest away and least likely to leak information about the child's origin. And, the child would be able to grow up with the stigma of "orphan" rather than "bastard" yet retain the Begeman name.

Professor Begeman, who authored a famous medical journal?

Delores Wilkening is looking for the parents of Friedrika Charlott Dorothea Baegemann (Begemann) born 1808 Lippe Detmold Ger. The Begemann name occurs 3 times in her lineage!

From my branch - August Begeman born 1834/5 we have no other info. Recently a passenger list of the ship REPUBLIK was found to contain an August (age 22) and a Fritz (age 20) Begemann, the ship left Bremen and arrived at New York on 7/10/1856. August and Fritz's destination was listed as Louisville, the place August married his first wife and his first two children were born. I believe this is the August of our branch, and that Fritz is his brother. I'm not sure what to do with this info, because I still don't know what city he came from or his parents name.
A trip to the LDS Family History Center in Santa Monica and the German Immigrant Genealogy Society Library in Burbank, over the holidays, proved to be a great help. We have determined that August is from Hiddesen, 4 km West of Detmold, also 3 possible siblings Fritz (b1836), Adolph (b1842), and Charlotte (b1830) who married Adolphus SUTTER.

Cheryl Begeman Route 4 Box 331 McGregor, Minn. 55760 (218) 425-4585 is looking for her father. Vernon Gayle Begeman missing from her for 36 years, last known residence Illinois (1963) a medic in the Navy. Her mothers E-mail

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