The Branches

#1 My Branch - begins with August Begeman from Germany born 1835
#2 - begins with Chris Henry Begeman from the Netherlands
Immigrated to SD in 1910-15 (a branch off #8)
#3 - begins with Harm Fillips Begeman of the Netherlands, grandfather of 3 boys.
Who immigrated to the Dakota's starting in the 1890's.
#4 - begins with Gustave Begeman b.1864,d.1938 from Mecklenburg Ger.?
#5 - begins with Gottlieb Begeman from Leipzig Germany
#6 - begins with a Begemann from Germany, (Janette is mailing info)
#7 - begins with Frederick Otto Begemann from Vlotho Germany b.1841.
#8 - begins with Friederik Siemons Begeman b. 1789 from Finsterwolde,
Holland. (shared ancestor with #2)
#9 - begins with Henry John Begeman b.1877, son of Fred (Germany?)
#10 - (partial) waiting for more details from Sue Lyon
#11 - (partial) waiting for more info from Wanda
#12 - (partial) waiting for more info from Michael L.
#13 - begins with Johann Heinrich BEGEMANN, 1660's Germany - waiting for more info from Rose E.
#14 - begins with Heinrick Begemann from Detmold, Germany
#15 - begins with Heinrich Begemann still residing in Lippe, Germany
#16 - begins with Pieter Abraham Begeman (b 1913), Delfzijl Netherlands
#17 - begins with Herman Dietrich Begemann (b 1738), Gut Yaeger Amt Sternberg Lippe, Germany
#18 - begins with William Henry BEGEMANN (b 1858) from Roxmon, Germany
#19 - begins with Alvin Detrich BEGEMANN (b 1899) from ??????

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The List of Begeman's
The Begeman Surname