To finish your Birel Oval Race Kart you will need

Motor, Clutch and Gears (jackshaft if needed)
Brakes, wheels and tires
Seat, fuel tank, steering wheel
Pedals and control hardware
Bearings and a handful of standard American hardware
Body work of your choice
Parts supplied with the chassis are shown in the bottom photo here.

All together you can get on the track in one of the Sportsman classes with a very competative brand new Kart for around $2500!
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I bought these chassis' from a major Birel Kart importer, 3S Go Karts.
You will not find them in a Birel catalog as they were custom made around 1999 in an attempt to enter the American Dirt Oval racing scene. They were successfully campained by various racers in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan. They were designed with Birel's KISS ideals, a very simple chassis that was easy to make work. The second (Pro Style) design was created in response to the American Oval Scene demands. I am told that due to the WKA ban on non-American chassis in the 4 cycle oval classes and for ease of interchangeability these chassis were designed using all American compnents. The big blow to this chassis popularity was most major permanent oval track racing surfaces improved to a point that required a more rigid chassis than this style chassis (what wins on Sunday sells on Monday). So these chassis have sat in a warehouse collecting dust since, finally 3S wrote off their investment and sold out.

Due to the design of this chassis I believe you will find improved traction on the dry slick or loose dirt racing surfaces found at fairgrounds and horse arena type temporary or shared tracks. The lead built into the front of the chassis eliminates the chain and brake alignment problems experienced by moving the rear axle. With full bodywork (wedge, nose, wide front and rear bumpers), jackshaft , fuel and a 220# driver, the kart scales at 400#, so a stripped down kart with a light driver will end up well under weight. The rear crossmember is located to allow 4 cycle or 2 cycle jackshaft inboard axle sprocket location. The Pro style chassis has adjustable caster as well as "torsion bars" on the right and left sides allowing you to tune the chassis stiffness.
You will not be disappointed, these chassis have recently done very well in both 4 cycle and 2 cycle (one crash short of a F200 championship at Castle Rock and dominating open 4 cycle in an Idaho indoor series) Replacement parts are not a problem as these karts use standard 10 degree spindles, American hardware and bearings (except the lower steering bearing). I can supply karts assembled or in kit form, pricing varies according to level of completion, finish and type of components desired.

Karts are located in the Portland OR area (97113) shipping weight is 60# total per kart plus packaging. Multiple packages are necessary, the frame and a box(es) containing the remaining parts. The frame weight alone is about 25#, and it measures 61" x 28" x 13". The Frames will nest stack at about 6" per frame for multiple units. A second box 35# 36" x 18" x 12" will hold the rest of the parts for a single. LTL shipping across the states is cost prohibitive unless you plan to purchase 5 or more. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others will not take the frame as it falls into a prohibited oversize catagory. Greyhound is the cheapest shipping method for single purchases. Their web site will provide a quote.

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