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Standard model features

5" Offset for Oval racing
1/2" Right Front lead, 15 Degrees fixed caster
30 mm moly steel DOM tubing
Custom made by hand, TIG and jig welded
1 1/4" lightened steel rear axle, keyed in the right places with end snap rings
Gold anodized aluminum rear American bearing carriers
Long steering shaft (solid steel "for rules") plated
Adjustable steering (ackerman and speed)
Gold anodized tie rod assy's including 5/16" rod ends
Common 10 degree plated spindles take standard American bearings
Adjustable camber and spindle height
Uses standard American hardware, all unique hardware included
Inboard or outboard drive (2 cycle or 4 cycle friendly)
Standard 2 7/8" motor mount rail spacing
Front and rear hubs for American wheels
Chrome front and rear bumpers.
See bottom picture for all parts included with each chassis.

What you will need to finish assemble and some notes.

Want adjustable caster? Pro Style chassis

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Eagle Std
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